First insights into professional world with the lavish Dolder Grand in Zurich

Recognized as the GaultMillau Hotel of the Year 2016, The Dolder Grand provided an incredible first professional experience for IHTTI Russian student Zoya Loseva.

As a first year student without work experience, undergoing your first internship can definitely be daunting. IHTTI Hotel Management and Design student Zoya Loseva went into her challenge with a talent for the German language, a love for hospitality and the desire to work hard. Following 6 months with the one of the most elegant and well-known hotels in Switzerland, Zoya is off to a promising start to her career.


“I learned that no matter where you are in the world you can always find someone that you can relate to and that will support you. There is no problem that you can’t solve and although you can’t plan everything you can always find a door to walk through.”


What was your role at The Dolder Grand?
I was working in the F&B department in one of the 2 restaurants. I was given the opportunity to learn about each corner of the restaurant since my role involved so many different functions. After 3 months, I had my own station as a waitress and was responsible for my own tables. Soon after, 6 new interns arrived and I was assigned to train them. For the rest of my internship, not only was I responsible for my own work but also the work of the other interns. It was really tough but a lot of fun.

What were you most nervous about going into this internship?
Since I didn’t have ANY work experience going into this internship I was very nervous about what the working environment would be like. Going in, I wasn’t sure exactly what the hotel expected from me but in the end I was surprised how incredibly nice, welcoming and helpful everyone was. It really was like a big family.

What part did your Russian nationality play in your internship experience?
If you can believe it I was the only Russian working in the entire hotel! This definitely helped shape my experience as I was called on to help with Russian speaking clients.

What advice do you have for another student considering this internship?
Go for it! But don’t forget that it is going to be tough. In order to succeed you will have to be really flexible and ready to put in late hours when needed. You will need to study a lot (even though you are not in school).