Riccardo Menara graduated in June 2015 from Hotel Institute Montreux. He had no intention to study hospitality but after an open house visit to the school he fell in love!

We asked him about his experience during his studies:

“I think HIM changed my life by giving me 3 opportunities:

The first one was that I discovered what my true passion is! And that is of course hospitality! By providing me excellent theory courses and at the same time practical experiences I was exposed to the amazing world of hospitality.

The second opportunity was that I was able to develop my professional attitude by working hard, smart and consistently. I was meeting everyday people from different cultures, backgrounds, and different working styles.

Finally the third one was the idea of endless possibilities when it comes to my career.”

He is now attending the Ritz-Carlton management training program in Beijing.

“The management style is very different here. Everything is less direct, and its is a big challenge for someone coming from a European background but at the same time that is the interesting part of this experience.”

Riccardo believes that the future is in Asia, he is studying Chinese (which is very much appreciated by the locals) and he is trying to understand the different culture.

“I always have to remind myself that I am in the minority here. The way of thinking here is different to what I’m used to. I am always trying to learn more and adjust. This experience taught me to be more patient and slow down, observe and try to understand” he says.

When we asked him for a tip for current students he said: “From day one, plan your future and go for it!” And he is listening to his own advice! His plan is to stay in Asia for 3 more years and then Russia is next on the list.