Learning from a true icon in London

After finishing one year of hotel studies at Hotel Institute Montreux, Benedikt Beckenbauer was selected for a prestigious internship opportunity with the iconic British Hotel, The Dorchester London.

A few months into his role we met him in the British city of dreams to find out what makes the industry so exciting and to learn about his new London life.

“My passion for hospitality started early. I have always enjoyed traveling to different countries and exploring new cultures. It really broadens your mind to experience different cultures.”

Benedikt has always enjoyed hosting events and groups at his home. He was always told that he pampered his guests. The mix of engaging with guests, leading people and managing a property was the perfect combination for him.

– This is a people industry and it’s all about exceeding expectations to create extraordinary experiences, no matter who the guest is.

The industry is huge and there are plenty of schools to choose from. Why did you choose to study in Switzerland and at Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM)?

– I found out that the most renowned hospitality schools are located in Switzerland, the birthplace of this growing industry. I decided to look for a place with professional and experienced teachers, as well as a personal bond between students and mentors and I found HIM.

Getting the opportunity to learn true hospitality service is of great importance for Benedikt. After just one year of studies he was chosen out of 300 competing students to conduct an internship program at the iconic The Dorchester London – a great achievement.

– Working and studying abroad is a great experience. You challenge yourself and grow both professionally and personally. I believe people who have international experiences make great problem solvers and display so much creativity. And, in order to be successful today you must set your goals high.

Benedikt describe Londoners as ambitious people and good leaders. They are always trying to get the best out of you.

– They are so easy to get to know, you make new friends very easily. I like the fact that the city is multicultural which gives you the opportunity to learn from different cultures and that is key in my industry.

So how about your future aspirations?

– In ten years I hope to become a general manager of a new hotel opening. Everything I’m able to absorb at The Dorchester, the knowledge and the way they serve guests creates a great foundation for me.

Last but not least, how do you charm the staff at a hotel?

– The answer to this question is so simple, yet from time to time guests forget to apply it. Just be nice and ask how we are. It’s all about appreciation. As a guest, give the friendliness you receive, back to the hotel staff.