Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Business Management

  • 課程專為目標是盡快投入國際職場的人士設計
  • 全面性的飯店管理培訓課程,幫助學生短時間了解飯店餐旅管理的概觀,為盡快投入職場做準備

Term 1, 11 Weeks

Food & Beverage Service Theory and Practical 餐飲管理理論與實務

As one of the practical parts of the hotel management training programs this course exposes each student to restaurant service operations, including fine dining and informal (buffet/line) service within hotels and restaurants. It also introduces students to systems of cash management (micros). The course covers basic, as well as advanced topics in order to provide successful and personalized table and customer service together with the application of the organization and management of the restaurant. Emphasis is placed on customer-staff interaction and general communication skills. Students will comprehend various service methods and classical service styles and learn to identify advantages and disadvantages.

Bar and Beverage Management 吧檯與飲料管理

This course introduces students to the management theory necessary to control a beverage operation and to understand the product. Emphasis is placed on social skills, customer relations, bar planning, and the legal aspects of beverage operation. Product knowledge includes the origin, identification, and production of alcoholic beverages.

Food Production and Hygiene 食品製程與衛生

This course covers basic, as well as advanced topics that future food production professionals need to know. Emphasis is placed on quality food production standards. Students will comprehend various preparation styles and classical cooking methods. This course also combines theoretical concepts with practical applications of foodservice hygiene and sanitation. Basics of foodservice sanitation and personal hygiene are complemented with accurate, up-to-date, scientific information on all aspects of handling food. Students learn to identify and apply correct, hygienic work practices, and to minimize potential dangers and risks in a food-catering environment.

Hospitality Studies 飯店餐旅研究

This course will enable students to have a greater knowledge and comprehension of the size and structure of the lodging and tourism industry.

Housekeeping Management 住房管理

This course presents the management principles and applied techniques required in today’s lodging and institutional housekeeping departments. Emphasis is placed on techniques of quality assurance, cost control and staff productivity.

Computer Applications 電腦軟體應用

This course will introduce the students to advanced concepts and techniques of the Microsoft Office computer programs as a business tool in the hospitality industry. It focuses on designing, laying out, editing and producing high-quality documents using Microsoft Word as well as delivering professional presentations.

French, German, Spanish or Mandarin 外語選修課程

  • If students are planning to undertake an internship in Switzerland, they will be assigned to French or German language modules. Otherwise students can choose the language they want to study.

Term 2, 11 Weeks

Hospitality Financial Accounting 飯店餐旅財務會計

This course introduces basic accounting techniques, enabling students to apply these to record business transactions, balance accounts, and produce final accounts for a hospitality business, following generally accepted accounting principles.

Food and Beverage Management 餐飲管理

This course covers the principles of food and beverage management. Emphasis is placed on the cost control cycle, menu planning, quality control, sustainable food and beverage management and trends in the industry.

Convention Management and Events 會展與活動管理

This course explores the importance of the group market, its specific segments, and the strategies and techniques used in soliciting and servicing conventions, events and the MICE market.

Hospitality Sales and Marketing 飯店餐旅業務與行銷

This course is designed to give students an in-depth understanding of how to maintain a profitable level of business by utilizing the basic functions of sales, marketing, advertising and promotions.

Front Office Management 前台管理

This practical course examines how using the property management system Opera, version 5, can enable operations at the front desk to be more efficient and accurate and as a result, improve the quality of the guest services provided at the front desk.

Cultural Diversity in Hospitality 飯店餐旅多元文化

This course will discuss and analyze the meaning and interpretations of culture as expressed in different geographical regions of the world. Cultural norms, cultural diversity, and the increased interdependence of nations, social systems and institutions will be examined. Dynamics of human interaction in a multi-ethnic and multicultural global job market will be discussed.

French, German, Spanish or Mandarin 外語選修課程

  • Upon successful completion of the Year 1 language module, returning students into Year 2 may choose to change their additional language.
  • Once a student decides on a language stream in Year 2, they are committed to continuing in that language through the different levels until they receive their Higher Diploma.
  • Spanish and Mandarin language modules are available to students, whose internship is more likely to take place in an international context.

Internship (4-6 months)

Practical Experience 汲取職場實務經驗

  • Paid internship in the hospitality industry in Switzerland or worldwide
  • Minimum monthly gross salary in Switzerland: CHF 2,172.‒