The Postgraduate Diploma offers fantastic opportunities to graduates seeking a change in their career or for those who are currently working in the industry and require further training to enhance their career opportunities. The Postgraduate Diploma in Food and Beverage and Restaurant Management is designed for people who are passionate about food and beverage in the luxury segment, potential entrepreneurs as well as enthusiasts of wine and dining.


Graduates who earn a hotel management degree and finish an internship are eligible to progress to the Master of International Business of their choice.

Semester (5 months)

Food & Beverage Service and Production Operations

These modules are designed to enable students to acquire the relevant knowledge and skills in the service and production of food and beverage and restaurant operations. Students learn and practise the application of the acquired theoretical input while operating in the various food and beverage outlets of the Swiss Hotel Management School. The style of service and production varies from basic to deluxe, providing the simulation of what is expected during employment in the food and beverage industry.

Banqueting and Events

This module aims to develop an understanding of the theory pertaining to MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) and its application in practice. Students are introduced to the complexity of events and key components of event planning and management. This module requires students to draw on theory and skills to organise a complex event including the functions of marketing, fundraising, human resources, financial control, as well as food and beverage aspects.

Food and Beverage Cost Control

Food and beverage cost control provides students with practical knowledge of the management control cycle used in all types of food service operations to plan, attain and maintain organisational objectives, while making the most cost-effective use of time. For food and beverage and restaurant operators the knowledge to control costs to the bottom line is key to run a successful business.

Current Trends in Food & Beverage and Restaurant Concepts

This module aims to introduce students to the current trends in the food and beverage and restaurant industry. The continuous and dynamic food and beverage industry requires operators to have a contemporary understanding of the developments in the field, on both a global and local level. Effective managers of food and beverage and restaurant operations need to understand these current developments to make optimal business decisions and run successful operations.

Still and Sparkling Wine Culture

This module aims to provide students with an introductory knowledge and understanding of still and sparkling wine and their production. Still and sparkling wines have a very long history, profound tradition around celebrations and ceremonies and are a part of a beverage culture, reaching back to ancient times. In addition, students are given the opportunity to experience still and sparkling wine through tastings.

Beverage Studies

This module aims to provide students with an introductory knowledge and understanding beverages and their production. Theoretical aspects including the management of beverages in the hospitality industry will be explored.

Principles of Management

This module aims to provide students with an appreciation of the theory and practical implementation of concepts and developments in the field of management, with particular emphasis on management within the food and beverage and restaurant industry. Students have the opportunity to develop their management skills for contextualised and for specific application in various food and beverage operations.

Human Resource Management

This module is designed to develop an appreciation of human resource management in general and in the specific context of the food and beverage segment of the hospitality industry. The module emphasises the interaction of management and employees and encourages the critical appraisal of organisational and management processes and their influence on people within the industry.

Facilities Management

The aim of this module is to enable students to explore the essential elements in the acquisition, maintenance, management quality systems and control of premises, plant and equipment used in the food and beverage and restaurant sector. It is a broadly based module that covers the related understanding of maintenance, design and energy management and their application to current and future industry practice.

French or German (optional)

Languages are optional for postgraduate students; unless they are planning on undertaking an internship in Switzerland.

Internship (4-6 months)

Practical Experience of Your Hotel Management Training

  • This module enables students to consolidate the theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired during the Postgraduate Diploma in Hotel Management programme in a real-life work environment. It provides students with the opportunity to observe and appraise the interrelationship of theory and practice within a working environment.
  • Paid internship in a hotel or restaurant in Switzerland or worldwide
  • Minimum monthly gross salary in Switzerland: CHF 2,172.‒

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